In prison the "sadistic" burglar Joshua Carney who raped a mother and 14-year-old daughter | UK news - Madaar News
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In prison the “sadistic” burglar Joshua Carney who raped a mother and 14-year-old daughter | UK news

A “sadistic” burglar who raped a mother and her 14-year-old daughter was told his crimes were “horrendous” and “are nightmares” as he was jailed for at least 10 years.

Joshua Carney, 28, had been released from prison just five days earlier when he carried out his attacks at 6.45am on March 1.

High on the drug spice, he tried the handle and letterbox on the victims’ front door, Cardiff Crown Court was told.

The sound alerted the mother, who was getting ready for work as her daughter slept upstairs.

She went out into the street and saw Carney, barefoot, lurking around her home in Cardiff.

As she turned to her front door, Carney asked her to call him a taxi before forcing his way into her home and locking himself inside.

He then punched her repeatedly in the face before raping her in her living room.

“The defendant said to the victim, ‘Stop screaming or I’ll stab you,'” said Ewan Bennett, prosecuting.

“At that point she did not know whether the defendant was armed or not and she became very concerned that she and her daughter would end up seriously injured, if not killed, by the defendant.”

The teenager called police when she heard her mother’s attack, telling the operator she believed her mom had been stabbed.

Carney then tried to break into the girl’s room, before her mother told her to open it, fearing that they might both be murdered if they did not comply with his wishes.

Picking up the younger victim’s phone, Carney realized she should have called the police.

He then raped both victims in his mother’s room and violently sexually assaulted the girl.

When Carney tried to leave the property in front, he was confronted by police cars.

Fearing a hostage situation, the mother offered to show him through the back door and unlock the back door, where he was promptly arrested.

Carney was taken to hospital and told police he did not remember what had happened.

While in custody, he told officers: “These little girls probably invited me over to their house.”

He later added: “When are the swabs going to come back because my memory is starting to come back? I’m innocent, so obviously it will be proven.”

Carney later pleaded guilty to six counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and two counts of assault by penetration.

He also admitted two counts of causing actual bodily harm and committing an offense with intent to commit a sexual offense – namely stealing the daughter’s phone.

In statements read to the court, the victims said they had suffered nightmares and insomnia and had fled their neighbourhood.

Both said they felt guilty because they could not prevent each other from being attacked.

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke jailed Carney for life with a minimum of 10 years.

He told him the attack was “deliberately sadistic and no doubt done to satisfy your perverted sexual desires and your sexually abusive comments are indicative of your attitude – one of the rapes was punishment for calling the police”.

The judge acknowledged that Carney was under the influence of drugs but said his actions – such as locking the front door and taking the daughter’s phone – indicated that “you were very much in control of what you were doing and your actions were thought through.” .

“Your offense that day was horrendous, it was nightmares,” he said.

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